New McCoy

Terry Kinsey
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 20:13:21 -0600

>I have seend (and own) several pieces of "new"
>McCoy in the Spirit of 76 series; however, I
>came across a piece at this week's auction
>that I was not familiar with. It is a McCoy
>(also has LCC mark) jug. Stands about 12" and
>is about 6" inches across.  It is matte white
>with a cork.  It has a decal of the "signing
>of the constitution".  Very attractive piece.
>Probably gave to much for it ($17), but
>since it was unlike anything I had, of course
>I was determine to be high bidder.
>Does anyone know of other pieces in this
>Don't want to get a thread started on
>something other than McCoy, but does anyone
>know of any good reference books on Avon.
>My youngest daughter has started collecting
>Avon and would really like to find some
>reference books.
>Lee in NC

Hello Lee:  Avon:  two books that Iam aware of are:
Avon Bottles & Products,  640 pages by Bud Hastin, all items are pictured.
Avon Collectable Fashion Jewelry and Awards, by Clements, 158 pages,  450
I do not know if either one is any good.  But thought I would offer this
Cheers!  Terry


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