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Pat mspat@bellatlantic.net
Mon, 02 Nov 1998 23:02:14 -0500

Hi All:
I go to a auction every Saturday and they always have McCoy items there.
Sometimes the items go as low as $3.00 and I've seen items go way over
$100.00.  I don't ever buy any because I don't collect it.  I did see a
nice planter this week though, and I was going to bid on it.  It was a
planter in the shape of spinning wheel with a cat on it.  It went for
$15.00.  Most of their items are cookie jars, planters, and dishes. Tell me
what you're looking for an price you would pay - maybe i'll bid on
something for you.  Must tell me condition it should be in though, as with
auctions you have to buy on the spot.

Bob Vogel wrote:

> Lee,
> Should all that fishing stuff get to be too much, you let me know and
> I'll come down there and give you a hand! What's a "spot"? I'm not sure
> I've heard of them before. Bob
> Lee Peedin wrote:
> >
> > As a matter of fact I did catch some fish.
> > Things were slow on Sat., Sun., & Mon. but
> > early Tue. afternoon we notice the dolphins
> > feeding about 300 yards from the pier.  In
> > just a short while the spots started biting
> > as fast as we could bait our hooks.  This
> > went on for over 6 hours.  In about 1.5 hrs
> > I had a cooler full (110) - all the spots I
> > wanted.  Spent all morning Wed. dressing
> > them.
> >
> > I spent the rest of the week flounder & drum
> > fishing and caught several nice ones.  Had a
> > real good run on drum on Fri. morning.  Let
> > them biting!  Maybe they'll still be there
> > when I get back.
> >
> > Lee in NC



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