please take me off this list

List Mom
Tue, 17 Nov 98 19:29:03 -0600 said

>i keep getting all this mail to be taken of the list.i should not be getting
>this,something is wrong.i also want to be off the!

Ok let me take this one sentence at a time, as I am confused by this 

You keep getting mail to be taken off the list from a select few people 
who have difficulty functioning i.e. reading, and calmly trying to 
understand and embrace the technology that is the Internet.  

While in theory you should not be getting this type of mail, meaning that 
no one should be posting unsubscribe requests to a mailing list, however 
the sad fact is, that when one person posts something to a mailing list, 
everyone on the list gets a copy of the post.  This is what a Mailing 
List is.

Nothing is wrong.

Do you still want off the list?  If so I would more than happy to assist, 
however I did spend 2 weeks developing an HTML based set of guidelines, 
instructions, and FAQ's for this very list which can be accessed at or here:

Beyond this , there is an always has been a facility via the Web to 
Subscribe and Unsubscribe to this Mailing List at

Hope this helps...


The List Mom

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