Terry Kinsey mccoy@mccoypottery.com
Thu, 1 Oct 1998 09:07:43 -0600

>My grandparents worked at Brush/McCoy in Roseville, Ohio. I've been to a few
>of the pottery festivals. They're fun, but believe me, there are no deals to
>be had there. When it was still relatively new, I purchased some great stuff,
>reasonably. Not any more. I get better deals on the internet. I think it's a
>good idea. We should have our own pottery "get-together" in the Midwest. I'm
>from Michigan. Let's pick a spot. Sheryl

Hi Sheryl:

Yes, I too have gotten disappointed with the annual McCoy Lovers Reunion
and the
Pottery Festival in general due to the over priced items that collectors
are trying to get
that week as well as the dealers etc....I collect McCoy as a passion not a
greed buiness.
Perhaps its time for a new Mecca...Since the Roseville, Zanesville Mecca
only exists in
the past.  I believe that the journey to the Ohio festival is too long for
me anymore and
as you say no bargins.  Lets see what the List has to say..Keep in touch.


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