McCoy El Rancho

Terry Kinsey
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 08:22:42 -0600

> Good Morning to my fellow McCoy collectors,
> I have a quick question about the El Rancho Bar-B-Q pottery. I have seen
>the ivory color with the brown highlights, made in the 60's in my reference
> I have not seen the multicolor version dated 1982. The hat is a dark brown
>with circles containing the bucking broncos and cowboys. The cactus are
>green, the hat on the coffee server is light brown,in other words, it is
>much more colorful. I also have  the salt and pepper shakers in the same
>motif as the coffee mugs.
> Any help in identifying this pottery would be appreciated. The only marks I
>see on the pieces follows:
> "copyright 1982 C.C."
> Many thanks,
> Joe

Hello Joe,  To the best of my knowledge McCoy did not make the item you seek
info on.  Billie McCoy, wife of Nelson was instrumental in the design and
but it was in made for the Gailstyn Company, in 1960.  I would suggest that the
1982 year saw a different pottery who used the design idea as you describe.



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