McCoy El Rancho

cathy morbitzer
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 09:07:56 PDT

I absolutely love talking antiques.. mccoy in particular. Would it be 
possible to get into a chat room for quicker talking? is great or and Identify yourself as a 
mccoy buff.
Cathy My ICQ # is 10172674

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>> Good Morning to my fellow McCoy collectors,
>> I have a quick question about the El Rancho Bar-B-Q pottery. I have 
>>the ivory color with the brown highlights, made in the 60's in my 
>> I have not seen the multicolor version dated 1982. The hat is a dark 
>>with circles containing the bucking broncos and cowboys. The cactus 
>>green, the hat on the coffee server is light brown,in other words, it 
>>much more colorful. I also have  the salt and pepper shakers in the 
>>motif as the coffee mugs.
>> Any help in identifying this pottery would be appreciated. The only 
marks I
>>see on the pieces follows:
>> "copyright 1982 C.C."
>> Many thanks,
>> Joe
>Hello Joe,  To the best of my knowledge McCoy did not make the item you 
>info on.  Billie McCoy, wife of Nelson was instrumental in the design 
>but it was in made for the Gailstyn Company, in 1960.  I would suggest 
that the
>1982 year saw a different pottery who used the design idea as you 

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