Introduction & Question

Terry Kinsey
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 15:05:28 -0600

>Hello, this is Vanessa in Austin, Texas (originally a Wolverine from Ann
>Arbor, MI).
>I started collecting McCoy about six months ago, and it has become a
>certifiable obsession!  My particular passion are the green/brown,
>"cottage-y" pieces of the 1950s.  They remind me of my Great-Grandma.
>Question: I suffer from bargain fever after I review any McCoy pricing
>guides and then go shopping.  Granted, most of my shopping so far has
>been in pricey antique shops, but even if I fall in love with a piece, I'm
>only really tempted to buy if it is below the book price.  How comfortable
>do you guys (or, y'all) feel about buying at book price?  How are those
>priced determined?
>I love hearing all the information on this list; thanks, all of you.

Hello Vanessa:

Welcome, now as for the price guides..they are only guides and are relative
only to the view of the author of the guide or the survey that the author
did with different collectors and dealers and then averaged the responses.
The price guides are outdated within 6 to 12 months of their published dates.
Buying below book is always good for the soul...but it is a difficult thing to
address.  A good suggestion is to let your love of a piece be the factor
of the price tag or the price guide. Cheers!  Terry


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