Just Love This Mailing List!

Lee Peedin lpeedin@mindspring.com
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 21:36:14 -0400 (EDT)

I really feel "loved" tonight - had 57
emails, mostly from this list.

Since we're sharing where we're from, I'm
>from Selma, NC.  

Will attach some pictures of the planters I
had questions about as soon as I can make
the pictures in natural light - digital
camera doesn't do too good in artificial

"The Real McCoy" came from a TV show from
the 50's titled "The Real McCoys".

As far as where I look for McCoy:
1) Weekly auction every Sat night.
2) Antique stores (a bit pricey)
3) Yard sales (found a crock for $0.50 a
   couple of weeks ago)
4) My favorite - thrift stores - most glass
   and pottery pieces are less than $1 -
   recently found a 14" matte white McCoy
   Floraline vase for $1
I realize that Mt. Clemmons Pottery (MCP) is
a McCoy line, but I thought they made only
pottery.  Recently found (at a thrift store)
a set of 4 cups and saucers marked "Mount
Clemens (note spelling of Clemens) Pottery -
Yours From The Good Earth - Wild Berry".  Is
this the same company?  Either way they are
beautiful and now reside in our china
cabinet - got the whole set for $3.16.

That brings up another thought - as you're
searching for McCoy, don't pass up the FLORALINE
& MCP marks, and watch for the "shields". 
A lot of times this will be priced like "no
name" pottery.




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