Introduction & Question

G Niesen
Thu, 17 Sep 1998 10:13:51 -0400

Terry Kinsey wrote:
> >Hello, this is Vanessa in Austin, Texas (originally a Wolverine from Ann
> >Arbor, MI).
> >
> >I started collecting McCoy about six months ago, and it has become a
> >certifiable obsession!  My particular passion are the green/brown,
> >"cottage-y" pieces of the 1950s.  They remind me of my Great-Grandma.
> >
> >Question: I suffer from bargain fever after I review any McCoy pricing
> >guides and then go shopping.  Granted, most of my shopping so far has
> >been in pricey antique shops, but even if I fall in love with a piece, I'm
> >only really tempted to buy if it is below the book price.  How comfortable
> >do you guys (or, y'all) feel about buying at book price?  How are those
> >priced determined?
> >
> >I love hearing all the information on this list; thanks, all of you.
> >Vanessa
> Hello Vanessa:
> Welcome, now as for the price guides..they are only guides and are relative
> only to the view of the author of the guide or the survey that the author
> did with different collectors and dealers and then averaged the responses.
> The price guides are outdated within 6 to 12 months of their published dates.
> Buying below book is always good for the soul...but it is a difficult thing to
> address.  A good suggestion is to let your love of a piece be the factor
> regardless
> of the price tag or the price guide. Cheers!  Terry

I just read Vanessa's e-mail and I echo her sentiments exactly!!!! I
have been collecting for the last 9 or 10 mo. myself. I am stumped when
I walk into antique stores/malls and see varying prices. I than ponder
over what is too high vs. a real find/bargain. If i absolutely love it I
have to have it, unless my pocketbook prevents it. I collect vases, any
color, any kind, but ideally only those with matte finishes, I adore
those pieces mostly. It to has become an obsession with me. I am
orginally form Ohio but am a Michigander for the last 25 yrs. Enjoy
hearing from you all. Would be interested in buying vases.


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