Where is everybody

rrjd rrjd@gate.net
Wed, 23 Sep 1998 08:16:45 -0400


I have a couple of the "soup bowls" you are asking about.  One has a dark blue
"antique rose"  decal and the other has a tea rose decal.  Both are marked-
one with the MCP pitcher mark and the other with the Mccoy circle, 137 and

I found them in Sanford's book on page 172 on a catalog sheet.  Apparently,
they had a saucer with matching decals.  No saucers with mine, either :(
Not sure if you could call this a set or not.  Hope this helps!

Rebecca in FL

Lee Peedin wrote:

> Hope I didn't scare everyone off when I sent
> the emails with attachments.  Seems like
> things have really slowed down since then.
> Is anyone familiar with a set of "handled"
> soup bowls/dishes?  They are marked MCP (Mt.
> Clemens Pottery).  Got two 'dirt cheap' at
> an auction last Sat.  Seems no one else
> realized they were McCoy.
> One has white magnolias and the other some
> type of blue flower.  Would really like to
> find others (if any) that go with this set.


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