Garage Sale"Under Construction"

Bob and DeeDee Cook
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 23:25:01 -0800

Jo, GREAT JOB !!!!!!... Thank-you soooooo much for doing this !!...I have
been so busy I just now have a moment to write. I hope the boot sale goes
great.....I can't put anything in...for one...I am off to England on Friday
until the 10th..of April......second...We put all of our stuff on the table,
on a photograph for the sale...well!!!...The cat...jumped under
the sheet..and wiped out most of the McCoy. We are looking into the
insurance on the house, to see if it is all covered !!!...We cried...then,
we drank...then, we cried some more.......Then....we drank......We are still
drinking !!!...Anyway..again..we thank-you for all your time you have put
into the "Garage sale"....we wish you the best of luck and we hope that the
people on the chat sight are not giving you to much heck, for trying
something different. Take care JO !!!!!!!!!
Best Regards,
DeeDee and Friend.


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