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List Mom
Mon, 12 Apr 99 17:25:08 -0500 said:

>Well I beg to differ, there are lots of reputable dealers on eBay, yes there 
>are a few crooks, but that happens anywhere, I was at an Antique Mall last 
>week ,and they had reproductions up the waazoo..
>any  way the seller should mention it is a repro.
> BUT sometimes if you like an item and the real thing is 500.00 and the 
>is 50.00 what's the difference if you like the item, and don't care about 
>collector value..
I'm gonna have to agree with jo here Terry(dad) as you know I have had 
great luck with eBay.. Of course those are StarWars Characters that I 
buy, but we did buy that 32Port Switch through eBay and it was a deal, 
and the real McCoy I might ad.. I suppose you can have bad experiences in 
anything, anywhere and at any time.  eBay is just the newest way.


The List Mom

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