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<< I have a pot and saucer violet planter that has a daisy design and I
 seen it identified on the Internet several times as McCoy. It is aqua in
 color and approx. 3 7/8" high. Can anyone give me a reference for this
 piece? Also, if anyone has =A0=A0
 Sanfords'Guide to McCoy Pottery (1998 version) for sale please contact m=
 or put it up on eBay, as I am very interested in purchasing it if the
 is right.

 piper >>

Would love to help you with your Violet Pot, and would if could.
McCoy made lots of items that could fit this description. Is there anyway
could Photo it? This would be a great resource. Most of the pots like you
described are marked on the bottom. Are there any markings??

ps are you looking for the SANFORDS book or looking for a good price on
Can refer to several sources you can purchase the book from.
It is a GREAT book!!=20



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