McCoy Cookie Jar: Quaker Oats?

Christine Buchanan-Johnson
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 11:51:37 PDT

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>Good Afternoon:  I'm delighted to have found this web page.  My question 
>concerns a Quaker Oats Cookie Jar that I have.  In The Collectors 
>Encyclopedia of McCoy Pottery, is listed a Quaker Oats Cookie Jar  made for 
>the Quaker Oats Company (1970).  Unfortunately, I was unable to pull any 
>info. on the web regarding this particular piece.  The only difference that 
>I can determine from the this cookie jar is that mine appears to have a 
>different lid handle than the one that appears in the Mccoy Encylopedia.  
>The only markings my Quaker Oats Cookie Jar has is under the lid, the 
>numeral "14", as well as the backside that reads, "Regal China" emobssed on 
>the bottom side,and a recipe for oatmeal cookies .  Is my cookie a real 
>McCoy? or was it perhaps produced by another pottery company for Quaker 
>Oats?  I've had it my possesion for nearly 10 years now.  I would 
>appreciate any feedback if possible.  Thank you for your time and 
>consideration.  Alan

Dear Alan
Your cookiejar is not a McCoy but one made by the Regal China Co. If you 
look in any jar book you will find yours under Regal China.


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