Still Alive

Lee Peedin
Fri, 1 Jan 1999 14:53:36 -0500 (EST)

Hello to everyone.  Sorry about not
responding until now to all those wonderful
holiday good wishes.  Like everyone else
it's been real busy here.  In addition we
turned the 'computer room' back into a
bedroom and moved all the equipment to a
"junk" room that took several hours to
cleanout!!  I currently have a telephone
cable pulled across the dining room floor -
don't feel like crawling under the house

My youngest daughter's boyfriend gave me the
"Kookie Kettle" jar for Christmas.  I also
recently found the Wishing Well at an
auction.  Someone was asking about the chain.
If you will send me a 'direct' email to I'll reply and attach
a digital picture of mine with the chain

The other night, while browsing the TV
channels I came across the program "That
70's Show". Right there in their hallway on
a shelf is the McCoy Wishing Well planter. 
I saw it first at a glance and then they had
several scenes where the shelf was in the
background and the Well was clearly visable.

Happy New Year to everyone - lunch is here,
so I'll close for now.

Lee in NC


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