Bob Vogel rfv2020@avalon.net
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 09:03:59 -0600

Hey all,
 Lee nice to see you are still able to sit up and take nourishment and
figure out where the heck you stashed that key board! Where are you
going to in Iowa? Nice time of the year to visit the midwest tundra.
Make sure you bring your woollies, you'll be needing them! As far as
good spots to pick up some deals on pieces... Let me think...Where was
that place where they just GIVE away all those McCoy cookie jars every
week...;) Best, Bob
In Iowa We Say, "At Least WE Won't Starve Because Of Y2K". 

Lee Peedin wrote:
> Don't have any new "findings" to report
> lately.  My daughter & son in law were home
> for about a week (from Nashville, TN) and
> didn't get to do much hunting.
> Thought I would drop a note though and tell
> you the latest in the computer world.
> "Did you know that the Y1K problem caused
> the 'dark ages'?"
> Lee in NC
> BTW will be traveling to Iowa, Missouri,
> and Arkansas in the next couple of weeks.
> Anyone know of any good hunting grounds out
> there?


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