information on mccoy 14XX

Terry Kinsey
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 15:35:06 -0600

>Crazing is caused by a difference between the expansion/contraction amount
>of the glaze and the clay body. Regards - Dewayne Imsand

Yes that is correct that the  clay and the glaze exhibit thermal shock due
to expansion
and contraction of the two different items (glaze and clay) since both have
rates of expansion and contraction. This is usually seen in the
manufacturing  stage,
when the clay and glaze produce the moisture and heat, hence thermal shock.
however the crazing over time is a function of the moisture absorbed into
the clay
during water washing  when exposed to the unglazed bottom or other areas
that the
glaze did not cover.  The only pieces I have in my collection that exhibit
the crazing
are some cookie jars and flowerpots and vases.  These obviously had
exposure to water
and heat hence the thermal shock.

>>I'm new to this list, but have a question thought you all might be able to
>>answer.  What causes crazing?  Is it moisture?  Sunlight?  Mostly, I'm
>>wondering how and where to display my growing collection of McCoy.  Thanks
>>for any help.


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