New Snyder Book

Terry Kinsey
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 07:43:00 -0500

>Hi, I read in Elizabeths email that the prices in this new book are

>realistic.  How so?  I think most of the book values for McCoy cookie
jars (I 

>have no experience in the other pieces) are vastly underpriced.  You
go to an 

>auction anymore and as soon as they say McCoy the price and the
bidding goes 

>crazy.  I know everyone recognizes the name, but the books just aren't

>realistic.  To do justice to the jars the book values need to be 

>re-evaluated.  Before  I order this book I was wondering if he had
done a 

>better job on pricing.  Nanacobb

<color><param>0000,0000,FFFF</param>May I make a suggestion....Do not
use any of the books as price guides,

use the best value..available.... "what are you willing to pay and what
are you will to sell

for".   The values stated in any of the publications are subjective. 
Be objective

and the values will be evaluated by you the collector rather than a

and author of the book thus will not need to be re-evaluated.  I know

will say that they need the price guides ...then use them if you need
them, but

if you question them, then they are meaningless.  Cheers!


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