Cookie jars for Sale

Bob and DeeDee Cook
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 10:13:40 -0800

Hello...The Cookie Jars that I have are the following...

1.  "Wish I had a Cookie" wishing well...Missing just some of the cold paint
on the "a" and on some of the "k" and "e" in cookie. Oh..and on the "W". It
has a nice shine on the glaze and one or two "pops" .Marked McCoy usa

2.  Bright Yellow Jug with small handles on either side.  In fun
says "Cookie Jar" in white glaze on one side and just the letters on the
other with no glaze. Has some pin pops here and there...but it's in mint
condition....Marked McCoy Lcc #7024

If you are interested Mark...let me know....e-mail me personally and we can
discuss $$$.....One or two thousand dollars would be just fine....:)  :)  :)
:)     Just kidding...calm down !!!
Carol...I will let you know when the Wall Pocket comes in....

I also have a duplicate that I need to send away...It is The Train
Locomotive Decanter....I would be willing to trade it for The Happy Face
Cookie Jar...if anyone wants to ....or for The Caboose that
how you spell "caboose" what a silly word. Or for a few $$....not much. I have a question that might offend some of you...but is
in the name of Pottery !!....My dear sweet mother sent me a Coffee Mug that
she thought might be M....It is marked USA and it is Black and White...with
all the signs of the Zodiac on it...except for... each sign is a different
sexual position !!!!  O.K.   THERE I said IT !!!!!!.....Anyone know about
this piece????? and NO I wont tell you what position YOUR sign is
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks !!  Have a great day....I am going to try and do
some garden work before it snows again !!!!....Bye for now.


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