Dryer Incident

Cdkush@aol.com Cdkush@aol.com
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 21:32:02 EST

 Well, Dee
Thanks for the note about the dryer. I've been sort of nagging the hub for a
couple of months now that It's been a while since we've pulled the dryer out
and checked for lint accumulation & to pull out the refrigeration and just
clean out the stuff in the back. Well, I showed him your e-mail and by golly
it done today.  Well, at least the dryer!!  At least it's a start.     
I'm not sure If I asked you about a couple of swan vases that my mom found.
They are marked McCoy and are 9' high and beautifully hand painted with a
floral design on both sides.  They are truly a nice looking piece.   I have
the newest Hanson/Nissen book but they were not in it.   Could you by chance
check your other books for me.  I'm just starting out collecting and only have
the one book so far.  But I will need to get some others- I was thing of the
Big Red Book - Is that one you would recommend. I just visited the Amazon.com
site and found it for about $40 plus shipping and handling.     Well, any help
would be appreciated.   Thanks, Cdkush@aol.com


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