List Mom
Wed, 17 Mar 99 18:52:58 -0600

>I want off too

Ok, here it is folks... This is a mailing list.  It is just like any 
other "mailing list" around.  It uses the same type of software and 
protocols and is very simple to understand if you read.  

When you first sign on the McCoyPottery List the list server 
automatically sends you explicit instructions on how to 
subscribe/unsubscirbe, etc..  This is the first way to figure out how to 
unsubscribe.  Look through your email program and find these 

Next, you can simply go to and click on the mailing 
list link: <>  There is a 
very simple web based subscribe/unsubscribe function on this page.  You 
can also subscribe/unsubscribe to the digest as well.

Lastly, just like any other mail list all you need to is simply send an 
email to: and in the body of your email message put the 

unsubscribe McCoyPottery-Talk 

this will unsubscribe you.  

Sorry for the rant, but I do not have the time to subscribe/unsubscribe 
or move people from list to list when it is soooo simple to do it 
yourself.  As you might have guessed I am not a liberal and really enjoy 
people who can think for themselves.. You got yourself on the list, not 
get yourself off.

If you are truly having problems, your completely and utterly 
incapacitated due to recent accident, or believe the system is not 
functioning properly, by all means, please email the List Mom 
( and I will take care of it.  But do NOT email 
this stuff to the mailing list, it is rude and displays a total lack of 
an ability to do work, think for yourself and displays an unwillingness 
to embrace the technology...


The List Mom

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