Canyon & Brown Drip

Bob and DeeDee Cook
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 17:25:18 -0800

Hi Gail,
I have some Brown "Onion Soup Bowls"...but I don't know if they are
McCoy....They read "Oven Proof" and have the U.S.A.  in strange writing.
I also have Two large Bean Pots one has a Metal Handle and metal
marks.  The Other has a Big handle on one side...with a "dry
bottom".....Both look to be "drip ware" I think.
Then, I have Four Little Bean Pot looking things...The bottom is dry and
looks like usa...with two circles around it....I don't know the maker on any
of these....If you are interested e me...and we can talk trade....
Thanks- DeeDee


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