Bob Vogel
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 20:32:58 -0600

For the love of God, Mom. I feel like I got hammered and I was just
standing on the side lines (laughing...;)).  (This too shall pass.).   

List Mom wrote:
> >I want off too
> Ok, here it is folks... This is a mailing list.  It is just like any
> other "mailing list" around.  It uses the same type of software and
> protocols and is very simple to understand if you read.
> When you first sign on the McCoyPottery List the list server
> automatically sends you explicit instructions on how to
> subscribe/unsubscirbe, etc..  This is the first way to figure out how to
> unsubscribe.  Look through your email program and find these
> instructions.
> Next, you can simply go to and click on the mailing
> list link: <>  There is a
> very simple web based subscribe/unsubscribe function on this page.  You
> can also subscribe/unsubscribe to the digest as well.
> Lastly, just like any other mail list all you need to is simply send an
> email to:
> and in the body of your email message put the
> following:
> unsubscribe McCoyPottery-Talk
> this will unsubscribe you.
> Sorry for the rant, but I do not have the time to subscribe/unsubscribe
> or move people from list to list when it is soooo simple to do it
> yourself.  As you might have guessed I am not a liberal and really enjoy
> people who can think for themselves.. You got yourself on the list, not
> get yourself off.
> If you are truly having problems, your completely and utterly
> incapacitated due to recent accident, or believe the system is not
> functioning properly, by all means, please email the List Mom
> ( and I will take care of it.  But do NOT email
> this stuff to the mailing list, it is rude and displays a total lack of
> an ability to do work, think for yourself and displays an unwillingness
> to embrace the technology...
> Regards,
> The List Mom
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