McCoy--what else?

Wed, 17 Mar 1999 21:45:23 -0500 (EST)

There has been a big ceramics conference in Columbus with lots of
exhibits.  Today we went to Ohio State to see 3 of them.  
There in the library of the ceramic arts dept. in one of the showcases,
mostly with items made by well-known potters or people who had been
affiliated with OSU, was a little yellow flower pot unidentified except
for Ohio art pottery, Zanesville, ?.
Well, of course it was McCoy.  Why no one had ever told them about it, I
don't know, but they know now.
In this same place a number of years ago the woman, now deceased, who
had set up the library and taken care of it for years, showed us a
figurine sent over to OSU aby Sydney Cope when he wanted a job there.
>From what we understand, the job was filled when he got here, and that
is how he ended up at McCoy Pottery.
Sorry to be so long, but thought you might find this bit of history


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