DeeDee Don't Go

Bob and DeeDee Cook
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 18:56:40 -0800

Thanx Patty...and to all of you who have replied...You are all tooooo
kind!!...I shall remain long enough to do this "YardSale' if anyone is
interested...then I am off. By the way, I will be presenting an Award at the
Academy Awards on Sunday Night, hopefully, I will be winning one !!....By
now, you know that DeeDee  Cook is my alias, I am very well known in Stage
and Screen......I shall give a wink and smile to all of you on the "McCoy
talk Line".....if I get a chance I will say ' McCoy Rules" husband is
screaming right now!! NO, NO, NO.....he is saying !!! heheehehe.....I make
him CRAZY !!....I thought that joining this "talk line" would give me a
sense of a "normal life"....I do Love McCoy...but (some of) you people have
taken more out of me than a hard days work on my set !!  I thought I would
try to be "normal"...but I got a few  reply's from someone who knew who I
was..on your site....
So, I am "out of the closet" so to speak....Please don't let it ruin what we
have....I really mean everything and would still like to have the garage
And I really did get burned by the dryer !! Oh, and I do love Crash
Bandicoot too !!!!!!!
!I have not "lied" about anything except for my name and where I work ( I
used a friends life)...I AM SOOOOOO SORRY...But you have to
understand....that when you get to the point of having your own show and
movies and have to become an alias to have a normal life.....O.K.
PAL ????  Sorry, he said he would expose me..if I did not tell you all this.
Please, don't be mad..I am still DeeDee, opinions and all....and I love to
collect McCoy...and I would LOVE to have this Garage Sale...if anyone is
interested,,,,,and I am also sorry that I am soooo out-spoken...but what I
said...I met.!!!!!!!! Thanx for all your really means allot
to me to have "normal" people to talk to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(well, some of
you!!!!!!!)....Jo, Beverly, Short49, AEM, WBross....THANX !!!!!!......
Fondly, DeeDee


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