Our own little auction

Vanessa Lee vanessa_k_lee@yahoo.com
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 12:06:04 -0800 (PST)

I agree; we should lay some ground rules. So how do you all invision
this? I was picturing an image and/or description of the item(s) next
to an email address.

Beyond that. . .
We don't want an auction, but what other process? Shall we post the
price we want for the item? Or, if we like an item, do we just email
what we are willing to pay?--that would leave it up to the seller to
choose who to sell it to. Does anyone have an idea for a "fail-safe"
method of "winning" an item? Or does a first-come-first-serve work
Online?--probably not.

Jo, have you worked with bulletin boards, cgi, or the like? Do we want
to set it up as a bulletin board where all email messages on an item
are posted? That would make it very similar to an auction--where you
see what one person is willing to pay and either post that you will
pay more or not.


---Bob and DeeDee Cook <bigben@aci.net> wrote:
> THANK-YOU all for the WONDERFUL support !! You are some fantastic
people and
> I mean that from the bottom of my heart.....My friend ( the real
> McCoy...hehehe...Dee)...Has been shaking her head at me all week
saying "You
> are getting me into trouble"....I say....I think not...These really
are a
> good group of people...
> I am off this morning to L.A.,  don't know when I will get back...in
> mean time PLEASE Jo...do the Garage Sale stuff with Dee...we came up
> the idea together...Did you see Vanessa's message...I think she
would be a
> great help... So now folks...we need a kinda Board of
Director's.....I vote
> for Jo...as "IN charge".....:)......We need to set up some
> one THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION !!....does everyone agree??....Also...it
> be McCoy only....BUT...what happens if we have some things we are
not sure
> about??.....One mans trash....well...you know...I know that Dee and
I have
> around 300 pieces and about 15 we are not sure about....Can we sell
those as
> well?? These are the things that "The board" needs to address....I
think we
> need like...5 people to help out and make rules...NOW...ARE THERE ANY
> LAWYERS IN THE GROUP ????????? hehehehehe!!!!!Go for it JO.......
> I have to fly....I will miss all of you wonderful people and again I
> think-you for your sweet words....God Bless You all (or whoever you
> to).....Wish me LUCK !!!!!!!!......See Ya.... McCOY RULES !!!!!!!!!
> !!!! McCOY RULES !!!!!!

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