Our own little auction

Terry Kinsey mccoy@mccoypottery.com
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 16:40:41 -0600

>lets see why can't I make a website with the descriptions & pictures & prices
>with links to the sellers email...
>then it is up to the buyer to contact the seller, & arrange for payment &
>seems like the simplest way to me..I would wait for payment, & check to clear
>if that make you more comfortable, and then send out the item, that's how i do
>it on ebay...(this would be a sale not an auction)
>emails are time stamped so i guess it would be first come first served..

Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.....Here is what I suggest as the easy
thing to do...Go to the following URL:
You can place an ad for free which leaves an email address the description
of the item and
a date of the ad, and a name.  If interested you email for further details
and selling price and
a photo.   Keep it simple....It is there and works great.  It is not an
auction, it is not commercial
and it is free.  It is all about McCoy.  Oh and it is well known
already...Cheers,  mccoy@mccoypottery.com


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