Re[2]: Wow

Lee Peedin
Sat, 20 Mar 1999 09:07:30 -0500 (EST)

The auctions I spoke of are in Johnston
County.  There's one in Pine Level on Tue &
Fri (lots of yard sale and new stuff, but an
occasional good buy).  Attend one last night
on Hwy 39 north of Selma, bought way too
much including a McCoy pitcher with the MCP
mark.  Again no one else new it was McCoy
and got it for $4.  There's 2 in Four Oaks,
one every Sat. night (Ole Mill House) and
one once a month (Charlie Brown's).  Ole
Mill House is my favorite!!  That's the one
I work at.  There are others in Smithfield
and Kenly that I know of, but there's only
so many days in the week and I don't go to
them much.  A lot of good flea markets open
now that the tobacco warehouses have closed
for the season.  They're indoors and have
everything.  Have you ever been to the flea
market at the fair grounds in Raleigh.  I've
got many good buys there.

Recently there seems to be a lot of 'new
generation' Roseville in this area - so be

Lee in NC


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