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Sun, 21 Mar 99 19:34:02 -0600 said:

>Subj:	To Ken and Kendall
>Date:	3/18/99 11:58:48 PM Eastern Standard Time
>From: (Bob and  Dee Dee Cook)
>Reply-to: (McCoyPottery Online Talk)
>To:	(McCoyPottery Online Talk)
>ABOSOLUTLY !!!! That is ALL "we" talk about YOU ??Have not seen
>you talk VERY MUCH about McCOY....seems as all you do is complain......DO
>YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT McCOY ??????????????????????????????

This stuff has got to stop.
>Thanks for the friendly welcome! Obviously I am not the only one who thought
>this was indeed a McCoy Talk Line.  It sounds to me like a few people run the
>McCoy Pottery-Talk Line, and if someone really wants to talk about McCoy
>Pottery they have knocked at the wrong door. I have been collecting McCoy
>Pottery for a long time, and generally find McCoy Collectors to be very

One person and one person only runs McCoyPottery-Talk.. That would be the 
List Mom and no one else.  We set up the list in conjunction with our 
"Non-For-Profit" site McCoyPottery Online (  We do 
this as a hobby and as a service to the McCoy Lovers Community as a forum 
for discussion about McCoy and Pottery in general.  And you are right, 
most McCoy Collectors are friendly.
>If Dee Dee thinks it is complaining to try to share the actual story of McCoy
>and Brush/McCoy, that  Dee Dee, is your problem. I did have the courtesy to
>address it to you on a one to one basis, not make a hostile remark to the 
>line. It is extremely rude, and highly intimidating, to make a statement on a
>chat line to anyone in this manner. You never know who you might actually be
>talking to.
>You don't have to show me how to get off of the here.

It is quite simple really, when it comes to mailing lists in general, and 
this list is no different.  Yes we do have some rules and we are quite 
lax with most things, however I do ask that we all treat each other with 
a little respect, and if you must post something off topic, please make 
sure you post the "Off Topic" heading the subject line of your post so as 
to let others know that you are going off topic.

If you have a problem with a person/s on this list, please direct your 
complaints or problems to the list mom at as the 
list mom has the final say.

I would also ask that each an every one on the list go to the following 
link and review the list rules so as to be familiar with the proper 
etiquette for this list.


The List Mom

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