Re[2]: Wow

Allen, Helen M
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 07:13:34 -0600

Texas is a great place to hail from ....except for the hail !  Hail storms
are bad.
But the McCoy pottery can still be found at garage sales..and resale shops
at a pretty reasonable price.  Heck ! there's a great pot (the white matt
quilted jard) upside down in a woman's flower bed here on my street.  I look
at it every day when I  drive by, I'm to the point of desperation !  I can't
seem to work up the nerve to ask her to sell does this
"Hi, I wish that pot was in my yard...wanna sell it?"........or,   "Hello,
I've been admiring the pot you have over there, I really need it...GIVE IT

Well, thought I'd share my McCoy dilemma....sometimes it's a curse to love
it so much.

By the way.......ebay had a mccoy cookie jar decoupaged......did you guys
catch it?........the picknic basket.  I bid below reserve, wasn't sure what
kind of condition it would be in once I uncovered it  (if that's
possible)......I can just imagine someone back in the 70's thinking that
cookie jar was ugly and putting that decoupage all over it.  

	From: 	Lee Peedin[]
	Reply To: 	McCoyPottery Online Talk
	Sent: 	Saturday, March 20, 1999 7:58 AM
	To: 	McCoyPottery Online Talk
	Subject: 	Re[2]: Wow

	It's a small world isn't it.  Hope you're
	enjoying your life in TX.  We lived in AZ
	for several years and enjoyed that, but
	there's no place like home.

	Lee in NC


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