Tue, 23 Mar 1999 09:40:24 -0500

Maybe we didn't get burned too badly then.  The lamp sounds very pretty if
it is the one that I am thinking of.  I found (about two years ago) a
brown/green vase that is shown in my book but not marked.  It has slender
leaves and something like berries (two or three).  It's brown with green on
the leave part.  (I am not too good at describing things)  I paid $8 for
it.  I grabbed it!!  It's in good shape and I am almost positive it is
McCoy.  That is like my wide lily vase.  I paid $16.00 for it.  It has a
small chip on the lip of the lily but I think I got a good deal anyway.  I
hope I can sneak up on something like that this weekend.  We are going to
Glasgow for my son-in-law's karate tourney.  He has a Karate school and
this is his big weekend.  When you have a few minutes search for
hunterskarate.  He has a web page.  He is pretty good with the kids and the
school is doing well.  He plans on opening one in Lexington, Ky soon.  I am
going to go play Granny and watch Sammy and Wayne is going to help with the
tourney. I better run for now,it's almost ten and I haven't opened all my
mail yet!!!   Later!  Have a nice day!!!


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