Wed, 31 Mar 1999 07:25:47 -0600

Hi  Ken
You wouldn't happen to have a top for a grandfather clock CJ. Mine is the brown
Thanks Patricia wrote:

> No what? No Base for a Snoopy On the Dog House CJ. LOL  :-). Collecting McCoy
> Pottery and talking McCoy has been the Joy of our lives for many years. No
> matter where we go we always wind up talking McCoy, and It's fun.  Even if we
> do have to sell something we have already loved, to buy something we have not
> had the opportunity to love yet, It's still fun to talk McCoy.
> We started out with the Schroeder's book, then discovered the Huxford
> Prayer Book (It had It's own special place in our home). With the arrival of
> the HNH Volume II, we may have to convert the Garage into our McCoy Library.
> The authors did something different and interesting. Their selection of the
> 100 most findable pieces of McCoy and Brush McCoy, really perked our interest,
> and it seemed like you were actually reading something from people who share
> our love of McCoy Pottery.
> We joined this group to learn and share our Love of McCoy. It's spring, and we
> always enjoy our McCoy Happy Face Collection, more this time of year. It may
> not be the most beautiful McCoy line, but we have always loved the message "Be
> Happy," SMILE, let people wonder why you have a smile on your face.
> McCoy Harmony to all McCoy Collectors.
> Ken and Kendall


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