McCoy Family

Mark Necaise
Mon, 17 May 1999 10:51:15 -0700 (PDT)

Hello Fellow "McCoyers",
  Is it good to be able to communicate with each other or what!
Elizabeth I have to agree with you and then some.  When I joined the list
I did so knowing that everything coming across the mail would not interest
me, that's why there is a delete key.  However, I can understand sometimes
that it may be frustrating to some, when they receive alot of mail not
pertaining to their interest.  Kind of like this message I've sent today
will most likely get some hair raising.  However, "The List Mom" has
provided a simple way for them to disconnect from the list.  I'm just glad
for the ones of us that has a sense of humor, to accept the fact that
everyone is different in their interest and to be, well let's say normal. 
As for me,  I'll keep seeking out the good McCoy info and discarding the
rest.  I bet I can even do it without slaming someone else in the process.
  So for all of you that read this, sorry if I bored you, have a good day
  For a piece of McCoy info,  if you are down on the Mississippi Coast,
there are several little stores that have McCoy items as well as a couple
of Antique Malls.  Good luck.
  P.S. Did someone see the "1st McCoy Family" message?  It escaped without
the text.  Sorry!

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