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Thursday, November 05, 1998 05:43 AM

>** High Priority **
>Hi Elizabeth-
>Thanks for checking with your daughter.  As it turns out,
>Patty Vallance has been kind enough to find one for me.  I
>don't blame your daughter for wanting to keep it....its a great
>piece.  Thanks again.
>>>> ELIZABETH VAUGHN <revaughn@webtv.net> 11/02/98
>10:49pm >>>
>Hi Tom,
>Just got an email from our daughter, and I guess she's not
>ready to give
>up the turtle sprinkler yet.  I saw one advertised in the Central
>Edition of this week's Antique Week and another one in the
>Nov. issue of
>nmXpress (the McCoy newsletter).  If you don't take it you
>should.  It
>is $26.00/year and the address is nmXpressm 8634
>Brecksville Road, Suite
>406, Brecksville OH 44141-2318.  You may mention my
>Elizabeth Vaughn


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