A short personal note

Sherri Napier sl_napier@yahoo.com
Fri, 7 Apr 2000 10:28:00 -0700 (PDT)

Hi! It is nice to get a message from another
McCoyoholic.  I collect the brown drip mostly.  I will
find a piece sometimes that steers me from my direct
course.  I am new so I don't know Elizabeth Vaughn's
address, but my sympathies goes to her.  Good luck
with your conquest.   

--- Karen.Phillips@trimmasters.com wrote:
> Didn't get to do any Mchunting this weekend.  The
> tourney turned out great.
> Spent the day with my "boys",  Sammy and Ben. 
> Nothing like Grandkids!!!
> Did get a large brown basketweave from an aunt!!  I
> only need a few more to
> complete my collection of all colors, all sizes.  I
> am seeing a light at
> the end of that tunnel.  But I have more to hunt
> down, too.  I do hope we
> find the right sale or day.  It's always nice to
> share the McCoy
> experience.   Enough of me.
> For those of you who know Elizabeth Vaughn (on this
> line) and might want to
> send her a card email or otherwise, her Mother
> passed away.   Elizabeth has
> been a big help to me, given me advice and taught me
> a BUNCH about McCoy
> and I know she does things like this for everyone so
> I thought I'd mention
> this so  everyone can remember Elizabeth in their
> own way.
> Karen in KY
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