new McCoy list member introduction

dmrcunni@ACS.EKU.EDU dmrcunni@ACS.EKU.EDU
Mon, 10 Apr 2000 15:05:55 +0000

> Hi, Brian.  Welcome to our chat line.  Sounds like you got some nice finds at 
the yardsale.  I still occasionally run across a McCoy at yardsales, but not 
nearly often enough to satisfy my cravings!  This chat line is great as 
I am constantly learning new McCoy information.  For example, I had never heard 
of Kathy Kale and really appreciate the information that Elizabeth sent.  By 
the way, Elizabeth, I wanted to express my sympathies in the loss of your 
mother.  Beth
hi everyone, 
> Just taking a minute to introduce myself.  I have been reading the posts for 
> a while, and wanted to say hello.  I am new to the fun of collecting McCoy.  
> I recently moved to Eastern TN, and was surprised to find three pieces at 
> yardsales in my neighborhood.  The pieces I found were all marked NM USA.  
> One pink baby shoe, a yellow three-footed flower bowl, and an oval shaped 
> turquoise (ten-sided) planter with a barely visible floral design near the 
> bottom.  Sorry the descriptions are vague, as I am just learning the lingo.  
> I remembered seeing that mark (NM USA) in an antique store, and thought they 
> might be nice to have around the house. 
> Looking forward to learning more about McCoy pottery through the list.
> Brian
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