Dog Valet Planter?

Jeanette H. Windhorst
Fri, 14 Apr 2000 14:54:15 -0400

I found the most adorable dog valet planter today. No shoe horn tail, =
though...anyone know if it's possible to find one of those to go with =
him? Also, the burlap bag cookie jar without a lid...would like to find =
the lid with the bird on top.

 Also found a Brush-McCoy choo-choo planter, a coral pinecone small =
square planter, the small black panther finally picked up for my =
daughter who loves cats, and two other pieces I haven't found in the =
books yet. Passed up yellow violet pots, one had a few chips on it, two =
dutch shoes with hairline cracks, and a gorgeous beanpot I found on page =
139 and more..not enough pocketbook or strength in my back..LOL..


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