Getting caught up

Lee Peedin
Wednesday, December 29, 1999 9:30 AM

>Finally getting around to checking my email
>after the holidays.  Been very busy at work
>- Y2K is upon us.
>Don, so sorry to hear about your loss!
>My youngest daughter's boyfriend gave me the
>vintage car cookie jar.  Bless his heart,
>when he say it he thought it was a 'planter'
>- the lid is missing.  Otherwise it's in
>excellant condition.  If anyone comes across
>a lid for this jar, I would be very
>interested in buying.
>I also received my first HULL book.  It's
>amazing how many odd pieces I'm now able to
>identify.  I'll buy most any kind of
>stoneware if the price is right & I like it.
>My wife particually likes pitchers.  We have
>one that I'm sure we gave no more than $5 or
>$6 for.  It was only marked USA 6-6.  She
>found it in the Hull book, and it'd probably
>sound like I was bragging if I told you the
>listed value - needless to say we were both
>well pleased.
>Got a big New Year's day auction at the
>auction house I work at on the week-ends.
>Hope to find lots of McCoy!!
>Lee in NC
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