Wed, 7 Jun 2000 00:13:52 -0400

Hi! To all pottery list. I have enjoyed your chat for about 6 months now. I
have never come in.  I have been reading my McCoy pottery books which I got
from my husband for Christmas a lot lately and I have a few questions.  I
really started as a cookie jar collector and then found several other things
that I liked as decorator pieces.  I have the 3 vol. cookie jar collector
books also.  Recently on ebay there was a pear cookie jar which said in the
description(no photo of mark) that it was marked overlapping NM and USA. The
picture matched a California Pottery CJ. It had 2 large leaves on the top.
Could this be McCoy?
I have several other questions but I don't want to be a pest so I'll quit
for now. Thanks, Marie

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