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frances garretson
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 22:52:40 -0400

i'm frannyg
i'm curious,does all mccoy pottery have a mark?
i hve some pieces but i'm not sure of what they are
and i am trying to narrow them down.
whaat are some good web sites out there in
cyberspace,i'd love to have some info.
i just started collecting pottery about 6 months ago.
please,any valuble info appreciated.

List Mom wrote:

> Well, it has been a long time since I have participated on the talk list
> so I have a number of announcements to make.
> We are going to be opening the first ever MCCOY ONLY online auction web
> site.  (over 2 years in the making!!!) The auction site will function
> much like that of eBay and other popular auction sites, with one crucial
> difference.  Our site is McCoy Pottery only.  Finally we will all have a
> place to buy and sell McCoy related pottery items in a safe secure
> auction environment.  Details will follow in about a month.
> We will also be opening the first McCoy Only real time, online chat line.
>  You will be able to converse with other McCoy Lovers about the latest
> and greatest finds, pottery questions, and other McCoy Pottery related
> topics.
> And finally we will be opening the first McCoy Only online message board
> including, classifieds, pottery questions, news and announcements about
> shows, and more.
> Look forward to a big McCoy summer filled with tons of great McCoy
> Pottery related things to do on the web.. All brought to you by
> McCoyPottery Online.
> Regards,
> The List Mom
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