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Fri, 23 Jun 2000 17:16:03 +0000

> Karen, I have the red book and will be glad to bring it with me tomorrow if 
you would like to see it.  Beth

> I have two volumes of books by Hansen, Nissen, Hansen (help me here
> someone.  I can't remember how the names  are spelled.  Always use HNH) and
> a Brush-McCoy book.  The Brush-McCoy, I got on ebay from a lady who
> subscribes to this line, Elizabeth.  We live in a small town and  the
> bookstore had to order what I wanted.  There is another book I want but I
> don't know the name just that it is Red and has lots of the dish sets in
> it.  Check out ebay under McCoy Pottery.  (You don't have to buy, but can
> get ideas on pricing, etc.)   I have seen some of your dishes there.  BTW,
> I like that set.  Very pretty.  My understanding of USA mark is limited but
> I think that some McCoy was marked just USA.  I am still learning, too but
> my books, the people on this line and just looking has helped me alot.  Am
> going McHunting tomorrow.  Hope to find the DEAL!!!  Wish us McLuck!!!
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