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Mon, 6 Mar 2000 16:27:32 EST

My name is Margo Flaherty and I live in Columbus, Ohio. I have been a McCoy 
enthusiast my whole life, growing up literally surrounded by McCoy from 

I have enjoyed reading all the banter back and forth about Mccoy on this 
list, but because I  have not really been avidly collecting for a long time, 
I haven't felt the need to write.....until now.   
I must say that I am truly embarrassed by the insulting and demeaning remarks 
which the "List Mom" invariably makes when someone expresses frustration with 
being removed from the list. 

This is a poor reflection on her, on McCoy enthusiasts in general, and would 
only ensure that the "recipient" of such remarks would never want to hear the 
word McCoy ever again, let alone learn about it or perhaps even collect it 
I see this site as a haven for McCoy lovers worldwide, hopefully run by 
professionals, whose only goal is to allow McCoy enthusiasts to share their 
love, support, and knowledge for some of the most whimsical and artistic 
pottery ever designed. 

I don't see it as a forum for insulting poor souls who are confused or 
frustrated in their attempts to communicate with, or be excommunicated from, 
the site.

Excuse me if I'm wrong, but I thought "moms" were supposed to be loving and 
supportive. Only a "mom" who delights in deprecating others would fall so low 
as to speak to anyone in such a demeaning manner. 

I believe any further communication between the "Listmom" and "Listees" 
should be polite, professional, and conciliatory. What is the advantage of 
rudeness or sarcasm?

These remarks to "Bob," and previous remarks to others, were uncalled for, ext
remely unprofessional, and not funny........especially to the recipients, I'm 



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