McCoy posting
Wed, 22 Mar 2000 17:32:11 EST

Ralph Porto owned the pottery during the Designer Accents era and trademarked 
the name.  He is the one who was legally able to stop the reproductions using 
that McCoy trademark. (too late,,,,so many items had already been reproduced) 
 He says he is beginning a new corp. "The McCoy Company, Inc." and has 
offered a share of stock to people, only 20 shares available at 3750.00 each. 
  It has nothing to do with our beloved McCoy and I feel is only a way to try 
to cash in on the collectibility of McCoy, and thus offer the chance to 
cheapen our pottery.   Nelson is not happy with this happening and the 
McCoy's are not a part of it.  Not a good way to invest your money 
collectors, go buy another piece of the REAL MCCOY.  Chiquita


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