Need Help on Cookie Jar Lid

Terry Kinsey
Fri, 19 May 2000 09:19:56 -0500

Jeanette:  "Buyer beware" is the only phrase that applies to these types of
transactions.   If this individual is not going to be cooperative from the
start, that buyer will never be cooperative.  More than likely this seller
did not insure the shipment.  Terry

>I need help on value of a cookie jar lid for a McCoy Touring Car Cookie
>Jar Lid and also, how easily or not I can find one. I purchased this
>cookie jar from a Canadian seller. It was only supposed to have a hairline
>crack. It came wrapped in one sheet of small bubble wrap, and a flimy,
>bent box. The lid was broken, and he refused a refund because the item had
>arrived at my home. He is now calling me at home and threatening to sue me
>for a negative feedback I posted against him claiming loss of business and
>defamation of character. If you have purchased something from me, also on
>Ebay, and can attest to my packaging on pottery, I would appreciate it. He
>claims my expertise is only in books and posters, paper products, and that
>I don't know what I'm talking about when I tell him he did not wrap the
>jar well enough to travel. Any help would be greatly
>appreciated.....Jeanette (justluvmccoy)
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