accumulated pottery
Tue, 30 May 2000 10:27:27 EDT

Hi, everybody...does anyone have any suggestions for me on the best way to 
get rid of pottery I have accumulated that I really don't want now? You know 
how it is...the longer you collect, the more selective you become. Over the 
course of just about a year, I've collected WAY too much pottery! 

I've got some Floraline I don't really want & a few other McCoy's I'd part 
with. Also I've some Brush, American Bisque, Shawnee, a couple of pieces of 
Morton, California pottery, etc, etc, etc.

I have sold a few pieces on Ebay, but quite frankly, Ebay is a lot of work, I 
think. By the time you photograph each item, load them into jpeg files, write 
the ads, upload the ads, then contact the buyers, wrap the items, figure the 
shipping & then HOPE they send their money...ugh! Unless you like staying 
glued to the computer, it soon becomes a chore.

Do any of you have antique booths? I'm thinking of doing that, but I've 
noticed the malls I frequent, it doesn't seem to me there's a very good 
turnover on some of these items. I can't see how they're making any money by 
the time they're paying their rent & commission.

Also, does anyone know why Floraline just doesn't seem to sell real well on 
Ebay? I'm assuming it's because it's a low-end quality of McCoy.

I know I could always go the yard sale route, but I know I'd lose money, then.

Does anyone know how I could go about selling perhaps my pottery by "lots" 

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


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