[Mccoypottery-talk] Thanks for your help.

Dan Birrell dbirrell@qn.net
Sat, 29 Dec 2001 16:50:55 -0500

Thanks to those who replied so quickly.  We made a trip to a Columbus OH. l=
ibrary today and found the same pottery in a Hull book.  This is a mark use=
d for a floral line.  My wife, Susie and I got started collecting McCoy by =
mistake when we found an Apollo decanter for $1.00 at a yard sale this summ=
er.  I being a sort of space nut wanted it.  The first web site we found wh=
ile searching for more info on it told us it was MCP.  130 some pieces of m=
ixed American pottery later, here we are.  Recently on one of our dollar a =
piece shopping sprees we found a pitcher 9 1/4" tall, pale cream-yellow wit=
h speckles marked USA 7549.  Since we already have some 7500 series pitcher=
s from McCoy/Lcc and saw the similarities between them we thought it might =
be a bargain.  ( and we just hade to have it anyway)  The only other mentio=
n was on Ebay where someone listed one as a McCoy? or Camark.

Another find was a four piece creamer/sugarbowl/ salt & pepper shaker set. =
 The pitcher is marked USA 2153 is 5" tall and looks very similar to the on=
e shown in HNH Vol III pg. # 199.  The Sugar bowl is white as well with a l=
ight blue top and it is marked USA 2154 and it is 5" tall as well.  The sal=
t & pepper shakers are 3/14" tall w/no mark.  All four pieces have a goose =
with head and tail held high and wearing a blue ribbon.  Again, we liked th=
e quality and feel of these pieces and had to have them.  Any ideas who mad=
e these items?

Again, thank all of you for helping those with less knowledge in this enjoy=
able hobby.

Susie & Dan Birrell dbirrell@qn.net=20

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