[Mccoypottery-talk] No good to lurk

Karen.Phillips@trimmasters.com Karen.Phillips@trimmasters.com
Mon, 8 Jan 2001 09:13:27 -0500

Thanks.  I'll do some checking to see if I can find it.  You don't need to
tell me about Elizabeth.  She has been such a big help to me since I came
on board the chat line.  My brother lives close to her and one of these
days (if the weather  ever cooperates) I am going to meet her.  Who knows??
I may even get to the McCoy Reunion, too.  To the person who has the pink
and blue bowls:  Give me the numbers from the bottom, if there are any and
I'll look them up in my books to see what I can find.  Also, to the person
with the suburbia ware:  There is a Black book out that has lots of the
dinnerwares in it.  Don't remember the name or author but if Beth is out
there, she has one and can give you that info.  Happy Day :-)

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Hi again,
I haven't been able to get on the computer as much lately (dealing with
family member with cancer) but I'm always glad when I see McCoy e-mails.
The magazine, "Collectibles", I bought at Barnes & Noble before
Christmas.Since it is a seasonal magazine, the Winter edition should still
in any major book store.
Don't let Elizabeth under estimate her McCoy knowledge, she has been
extremely helpful. (Elizabeth I still love the Pamela Coates books I bought
from you!)
Chat a lot so I'll have lots to read!


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