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Karen.Phillips@trimmasters.com Karen.Phillips@trimmasters.com
Mon, 8 Jan 2001 09:23:17 -0500

Hello, Patricia.  Glad to see some new faces.  Maybe now I'm not the new
kid on the block!!  Stick around and learn.  It isn't hard at all.  There
is lots of good company around here.  I am curious about the bowls you
have.  I think they may be what I call the feather pattern???  I have a
small one that belonged to my Mom.  Do you have a scanner or way to send a
picture to me directly?  I have seen these bowls on Ebay go for  $20-$30 a
piece.  I remember because I am looking to complete my set.

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I just got my computer and thus the internet.
My McCoy is just the three nesting leaf pattern bowls
White, green and yellow.
Are they collectible or of some value?
My parents received them as a wedding present in 1945

I know so very little about chats etc will appreciate
any advise and look forward to becoming friends with
all of you


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