[Mccoypottery-talk] Need Help Identifying McCoy Dinnerware

Susan Michael Susan@wirth.com
Sat, 3 Mar 2001 10:28:42 -0600

This is my first time on the McCoy Pottery Talk List and I'm hoping that one
of you may be able to help identify my McCoy dinnerware.  It has been
identified as either Brown Drip by McCoy (dark brown, Tan/Wht Trim) or
Canyon by McCoy (Mesa Line, Brown Mottled Trim).  My dinnerware definitely
is not dark brown.  It is more to a sandy tan color with a dark brown or
black trim (sort of dabbed look).

I'm searching for several missing pieces.  Currently, I have eight five
piece place settings (dinner plate, cereal/fruit bowl, cup/saucer,
salad/dessert plates.  I also have a large round platter, covered round
casserole, teapot with cover, oval vegetable, and eight soup bowls with
handle.  I am in need of a creamer and sugar bowl (do have the top) and need
additional dinner plates; salad/dessert plates; vegetable round and cups.  I
also would like to know if there were other pieces made to match this set.

The dinner plates, salad/dessert plates and saucers are marked with USA.
The cereal/fruit bowls are marked with 1413 McCoy and a double CC.  The
saucers are marked with a 1412 McCoy and a double CC.  

I purchased my original set about 25 years ago through Penny's catalog and
picked up the accessories through a local True Value Hardware store.  I
would appreciate any help you could give me.

I'm a real novice and do not have any background to the McCoy pottery line.
Sure would appreciate any input.

I do enjoy receiving your mail.


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