[Mccoypottery-talk] Butterfly Mark

Jjeanette Windhorst Pottery4Fun@msn.com
Tue, 6 Mar 2001 14:39:29 -0500

Thanks, Terry! I wasn't sure, and signed Marsha up to ask...none of my piec=
es have a mark like this, and except for the little curves above the N and =
M...it's beautiful! Lavender too! Darn it..Back to fixing her puter!...LOL.=

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>Hi, I purchased a piece of butterfly this past week, and am confused by
>the mark. The NM has little curved type marks over each letter...it's
>impressed into the clay evenly with the NM USA...my other piece doesn't
>have this mark. Help appreciated THANKS!   Marsha

Hello:  It is just one of three NM marks used in the 40's.  Terry

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